Rogerio Mariani Fine Art Photography







Rogerio Mariani

Rogerio Mariani Fine Art Photography

Marseillan, Herault


It is very unlikly somebody near you has the same canvas or poster or anything like it in their homes. All the art you see here is creation and no copy of a copy ! I decided to limit numbers of prints to not more than 15 per image ! R.Mariani,Artist

It is love to create art ! Create your attractions ! R.C.Mariani

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I am working currently with a Canon 450 D SLR to which I added a wide angle objective ,soon you can discover some of the great shots I took using this fantastic objective by digital advance. In terms of resolution you always can go more but its not the size that makes the picture. It is you and how clear , well framed you take the photograph ! This is vital to a great result. I personally like the 12 mb maximum in size and quality.
It is you who got to feel the magic and choose the moment of taking the image.
I got into the habit carring around a 8 mb handy camera from Panasonic. Absolutely fun !!!
Good zooming and fair size according to its quality. Result :Quality shots and good resolution !
Enjoy the art !

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Times Square NYC


Yacht Art


Water Bird


Canal Scene


Busy Days




Sunset over the canals


Pink sunrise


Sunset in a harbour digital photo painting


Sunset on fire


Cote d'Azur


American Dream


5 Gebrueder


Boats and sunsets


Calm view




Swan lake


Full Fleet


Fun Ride


2 Sunpearls


The Bay


Old Fashion




Close Landing


Cat on board